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− Ten nations tell social media, banks, and telcos to get better at stopping scams

The governments of ten nations have called on social media operators to improve their ability to detect and prevent fraud from flourishing on their platforms.

− APT28 Hacker Group Targeting Europe, Americas, Asia in Widespread Phishing Scheme

Russia-linked threat actor known as APT28 has been linked to multiple ongoing phishing campaigns that employ lure documents imitating government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Europe, the South Caucasus, Central Asia, and North and South America. "The uncovered lures include a mixture of internal and publicly available documents, as well as possible actor-generated material.

− Infosec teams must be allowed to fail, argues Gartner

Zero tolerance of failure by information security professionals is unrealistic, and makes it harder for cyber security folk to do the essential part of their job: recovering fast from inevitable attacks.

− Preparing Society for AI-Driven Disinformation in the 2024 Election Cycle

The rapid evolution of AI and analytics engines will put campaign-year disinformation into hyperspeed in terms of false content creation, dissemination and impact.


− Fortinet warns of critical RCE bug in endpoint management software

Fortinet patched a critical vulnerability in its FortiClient Enterprise Management Server (EMS) software that can allow attackers to gain remote code execution (RCE) on vulnerable servers.

Community News

− Making the Case for a Multistakeholder Approach

Open, inclusive, and bottom-up may seem natural to those of us in the Internet technical community, but making the case for keeping Internet governance that way is an ongoing challenge.

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