Incident Reporting

Types of incidents and level of support

A cyber security incident is considered to be any adverse event that threatens the confidentiality, integrity, authenticity or availability of a network or information system.

CSIRT-IE is the body within the NCSC that responds to incidents and as such has a strictly defined list of constituents it serves in regard to incident response. This constituency is made up of organisations from the Irish Government and Critical National Infrastucture providers. As a member of the public if you feel that you have experienced a cyber security incident that may have a national impact please contact the NCSC at the email

The level of support given by NCSC will vary depending on the type and severity of the incident, the constituent and/or constituents impacted and available resources.

Cyber security vs Cyber crime

There are a number of cyber-related events which may not be considered as cyber security incidents but could constitute a cyber crime. Cyber bullying, threats via email, text or instant message, online fraud or online extortion are all examples of potential cyber crimes. If you feel you have been a victim of a cybercrime you should contact An Garda Síochána.

If you wish to learn more about staying safe online please visit, a Government campaign aimed at highlighting ways to help people stay safe whilst conducting online activites.

If you are experiencing unexpected or unusual network issues it is recommended that you contact your system administrator or service provider to identify the root cause of the issue before reporting the issue to this office.

How to report a Governmental security incident

If you believe that you are experiencing a cyber security incident that is of national concern and wish to notify us directly you may email us at

If you wish to report a security incident and you are an agent of one of NCSC's constituents (e.g. an official in a government department with the authority to make such a report) please email or

In case you wish to forward any emails to us, please make sure that all email headers, the body and any attachments are included. NCSC, in accordance with national and EU law, respects the confidentiality of all such reports received. However we will consider responsible disclosure where necessary.

Reporting a NIS Directive related incident

Please see the NIS Directive page, if you are reporting an incident under the Network and Information Security Directive.