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− Purported Epic Games hackers admit scam

Threat operation Mogilevich has confessed that its claims of compromising Epic Games and other high-profile entities were false days after it was not able to provide information regarding the 189GB of data purportedly stolen from the video game software firm, which also denied any compromise of its systems.

− Australian spy chief fears sabotage of critical infrastructure

The director general of security at Australia's Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) has delivered his annual threat assessment, revealing ongoing attempts by adversaries to map digital infrastructure with a view to disrupting important services at delicate moments.

− Ransomware ban backers insist criminals must be cut off from payday

Increasingly clear number of permanent solutions is narrowing Global law enforcement authorities' attempts to shutter the LockBit ransomware crew have sparked a fresh call for a ban on ransomware payments to perpetrators.


− Damaged Subsea Cable in Red Sea Highlights Telecom Vulnerability

A subsea cable off the coast of Yemen that connects Europe to India has been damaged, and the telecommunications carrier that owns it must now figure out how to make underwater repairs in a war zone.

− The US is Bracing for Complex, Fast-Moving Threats to Elections This Year, FBI Director Warns

FBI Director Christopher Wray says advances in generative AI make it easier for election interference and meddling easier than before.

− Warning: Thread Hijacking Attack Targets IT Networks, Stealing NTLM Hashes

The threat actor known as TA577 has been observed using ZIP archive attachments in phishing emails with an aim to steal NT LAN Manager (NTLM) hashes. The new attack chain “can be used for sensitive information gathering purposes and to enable follow-on activity,” enterprise security firm Proofpoint.

Community News

− Kali Linux 2024.1 released with 4 new tools, UI refresh

Kali Linux has released version 2024.1, the first version of 2024, with four new tools, a theme refresh, and desktop changes.

− Geopolitics Accelerates Need For Stronger Cyber Crisis Management

ENISA publishes a study on ‘Best Practices for Cyber Crisis Management’ that assists in preparation for crisis management. The study was conducted for the EU Cyber Crisis Liaison Organisation Network (CyCLONe) and is now available publicly.

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