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− AeroBlade on the Hunt Targeting the U.S. Aerospace Industry

BlackBerry has uncovered a previously unknown threat actor targeting an aerospace organization in the United States, with the apparent goal of conducting commercial and competitive cyber espionage.

− Okta Customer Support Security Incident Update

Today Okta are sharing new information that potentially impacts the security of our customers. Okta have determined that the threat actor ran and downloaded a report that contained the names and email addresses of all Okta customer support system users.

− The Week in Ransomware - Police hits ransomware affiliates operation

An international law enforcement operation claims to have dismantled a ransomware affiliate operation in Ukraine, which was responsible for attacks on organizations in 71 countries.


− Active Exploitation of Unitronics PLCs

The NCSC is aware that Unitronics Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) which are used in some Water and Wastewater Systems are under active exploitation within Ireland.

− Guidance for investigating attacks using CVE-2023-23397

Microsoft has identified a nation-state activity group tracked as Forest Blizzard, actively exploiting CVE-2023-23397 to provide secret, unauthorized access to email accounts within Exchange servers.

Community News

− Google Unveils RETVec - Gmail's New Defense Against Spam and Malicious Emails

Google has revealed a new multilingual text vectorizer called RETVec (short for Resilient and Efficient Text Vectorizer) to help detect potentially harmful content such as spam and malicious emails in Gmail.

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