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− CISA Outlines AI-Related Cybersecurity Efforts

CISA details its efforts to promote the use of AI in cybersecurity and guide critical infrastructure in adopting AI.

− Clorox CISO leaves multi-million-dollar cyberattack

The Clorox Company's chief security officer has left her job in the wake of a corporate network breach that cost the manufacturer hundreds of millions of dollars.

− Attack against Danish critical infrastructure in May 2023

Russian threat actors have been possibly linked to what's been described as the "largest cyber attack against Danish critical infrastructure," in which 22 companies associated with the operation of the country's energy sector were targeted in May 2023.


− CrushFTP Critical Vulnerability - CVE-2023-43177

A critical vulnerability exists in CrushFTP which is being tracked as CVE-2023-43177. The vulnerabilitycould allow an unauthenticated attacker to access files stored on the server, execute code remotely, orobtain plain text passwords.

Community News

− How to Automate the Hardest Parts of Employee Offboarding

According to recent research on employee offboarding, 70% of IT professionals say they’ve experienced the negative effects of incomplete IT offboarding, whether in the form of a security incident tied to an account that wasn't deprovisioned, a surprise bill for resources that aren’t in use anymore, or a missed handoff of a critical resource or account.

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