Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the NCSC?

The National Cyber Security Centre of Ireland (NCSC) provides enhanced services to government agencies and critical infrastructure providers to assist them in defending against cyber-borne threats. Countering these threats is a shared responsibility, and the government will work in partnership with industry, non-government entities and academia to improve Ireland's cyber security. The role of the NCSC includes:

What is CSIRT-IE?

This is a Computer Security and Incident Response Team (CSIRT-IE) and is the response team of the NCSC.

Where is the NCSC based?

We are based in the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications.

When did NCSC become operational?

The Government approved the establishment of a CSIRT-IE in 2011.

What are the functions of the NCSC team?

The team works alongside government agencies and private industry to facilitate secure systems and information. NCSC participates in national, EU and international emergency response exercises and provides expert advice to government departments and industry on specific cyber threats and incidents.