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− New stealthy techniques lets hackers gain Windows SYSTEM privileges

Security researchers have released NoFilter, a tool that abuses the Windows Filtering Platform to elevate a user's privileges to increases privileges to SYSTEM, the highest permission level on Windows.

− Hosting Provider CloudNordic Loses All Customer Data in Ransomware Attack

Danish cloud hosting provider CloudNordic says most customers lost all data after ransomware shut down all its systems and servers.

− Microsoft will enable Exchange Extended Protection by default this fall

Microsoft announced today that Windows Extended Protection will be enabled by default on servers running Exchange Server 2019 starting this fall after installing the 2023 H2 Cumulative Update (CU14).


− Attacks on Citrix NetScaler systems linked to ransomware actor

A threat actor believed to be tied to the FIN8 hacking group exploits the CVE-2023-3519 remote code execution flaw to compromise unpatched Citrix NetScaler systems in domain-wide attacks.

Community News

− The Global Digital Compact: A Top-Down Attempt to Minimize the Role of the Technical Community

The United Nations' proposed Global Digital Compact will exclude technical experts as a distinct voice in internet governance, ignoring their enormous contributions to growing and sustaining the internet, according to ICANN and two of the world's regional internet registries.

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