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− Russian hackers target govt orgs in Microsoft Teams phishing attacks

Microsoft says a hacking group tracked as APT29 and linked to Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) targeted dozens of organizations worldwide, including government agencies, in Microsoft Teams phishing attacks.


− FBI, CISA, and NSA reveal top exploited vulnerabilities of 2022

In collaboration with CISA, the NSA, and the FBI, Five Eyes cybersecurity authorities have issued today a list of the 12 most exploited vulnerabilities throughout 2022.

Review of Recent NPM-Based Vulnerabilities

We will uncover the latest findings from the NPM security landscape and why it is crucial for you to prioritize package manager security in your development process.

Community News

− CISA Unveils Cybersecurity Strategic Plan for Next 3 Years

CISA has unveiled its Cybersecurity Strategic Plan for the next 3 years, focusing on addressing immediate threats, hardening the terrain, and driving security.

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