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− Chinese Threat Actors Targeting Europe in SmugX Campaign

In the last couple of months, Check Point Research (CPR) has been tracking the activity of a Chinese threat actor targeting Foreign Affairs ministries and embassies in Europe. Combined with other Chinese activity previously reported by Check Point Research, this represents a larger trend within the Chinese ecosystem, pointing to a shift to targeting European entities, with a focus on their foreign policy.

− CISA warn on DoS and DDoS Attacks against Multiple Sectors

CISA is aware of open-source reporting of targeted denial-of-service (DoS) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against multiple organizations in multiple sectors. These attacks can cost an organization time and money and may impose reputational costs while resources and services are inaccessible.

− Europe Signs Off on a New Privacy Pact That Allows People’s Data to Keep Flowing to US

The European Union signed off Monday on a new agreement over the privacy of people’s personal information that gets pinged across the Atlantic, aiming to ease European concerns about electronic spying by American intelligence agencies.

− ESET Threat Report H1 2023

A view of the H1 2023 threat landscape as seen by ESET telemetry and from the perspective of ESET threat detection and research experts


− Hospital Infected via USB Drive, EU Cybersecurity Rules, Free Security Tools

In early 2023, the Check Point Incident Response Team (CPIRT) team investigated a malware incident at a European healthcare institution involving a set of tools mentioned in the Avast report in late 2022. The incident was attributed to Camaro Dragon, a Chinese-based espionage threat actor whose activities overlap with activities tracked by different researchers as Mustang Panda and LuminousMoth, whose focus is primarily on Southeast Asian countries and their close peers.

− Exploited Solar Power Product Vulnerability Could Expose Energy Organizations to Attacks

An actively exploited vulnerability in the Contec SolarView solar power monitoring product can expose hundreds of energy organizations to attacks.

− Critical SQL Injection Vulnerability in MOVEit Transfer

Progress Software Corporation have released details of a new critical SQL injection vulnerability in the MOVEit Transfer web application that could allow an unauthenticated attacker to gain unauthorised access to the MOVEit Transfer database.

− Community News

NCSC-UK Cyber Threat Report: UK Legal Sector

The purpose of this report is to help law firms, lawyers and legal practices understand current cyber security threats, and the extent to which the legal sector is being targeted. It then offers practical guidance on how organisations can be resilient to these threats.


The French Cyber Security agency published their paper "State of the computer threat against law firms"

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