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− A 3-year probe of encrypted phones led to the seizure of hundreds of tons of drugs, prosecutors say

French, Dutch, and EU prosecutors announced on Tuesday that cracking encrypted EncroChat phones has led to over 6,500 global arrests. The phones were primarily used by drug dealers, arms smugglers, and money launderers.

− Russian Cyber War: A Senior Commander of a Russian Cyber Unit spells out his vision for “Information Confrontation in World Politics”

This post by Dr. Bilyana Lilly provides insights into an aspect of Russia’s information warfare activities. Dr. Lilly, part of the OODA Network, is the author of the book Russian Information Warfare: Assault on Democracies in the Cyber Wild West.

− Pro-Russia DDoSia hacktivist project sees 2,400% membership increase

The pro-Russia crowdsourced DDoS (distributed denial of service) project, 'DDoSia,' has seen a massive 2,400% growth in less than a year, with over ten thousand people helping conduct attacks on Western organisations.


− New Fortinet’s FortiNAC Vulnerability Exposes Networks to Code Execution Attacks

Fortinet released updates to patch vulnerabilities in it's FortiNAC network access control solution. The company described CVE-2023-33299 as a Java untrusted object deserialization that could allow unauthorised users to execute code or commands. The flaw is 9.6 out of 10 on the CVSS vulnerability matrix.

− MITRE releases new list of top 25 most dangerous software bugs

Today MITRE shared this year's list of the top 25 most dangerous weaknesses plaguing software during the previous two years.

− 300,000+ Fortinet firewalls vulnerable to critical FortiOS RCE bug

Hundreds of thousands of FortiGate firewalls are vulnerable to a critical security issue identified as CVE-2023-27997, almost a month after Fortinet released an update that addresses the problem.

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