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− Leaked Files Show Extent of Ransomware Group’s Access to Western Digital Systems

−Ransomware group leaked files showing the extent of their access to Western Digital systems and how they monitored the company’s initial response to the breach

− Evasive Panda APT group delivers malware via updates for popular Chinese software

ESET researchers have discovered a campaign that we attribute to the APT group known as Evasive Panda, where update channels of legitimate applications were mysteriously hijacked to deliver the installer for the MgBot malware, Evasive Panda’s flagship backdoor.


− Hackers target vulnerable Veeam backup servers exposed online

Veeam backup servers are being targeted by at least one group of threat actors known to work with multiple high-profile ransomware gangs. Malicious activity and tools echoing FIN7 attacks have been observed in intrusions since March 28, less than a week after an exploit became available for a high-severity vulnerability in Veeam Backup and Replication (VBR) software.

Community News

− Can Cyber Attacks Be Considered War Crimes?

ICC can prosecute political leaders for “waging aggressive war,” which includes unjustified invasion, and especially intentionally directed attacks against a civilian population. Such offensives are in direct conflict with Article 8 of the Rome Statute of the ICC. There is some skepticism over such an indictment as the ICC has no power to arrest suspects, and Russia is not a signatory to the agreement that set up the court.

− Cyber Security Specialists in the National Cyber Security Centre Department of the Environment Climate and Communications

The NCSC has vacancies for Cyber Security Specialists to fulfil key roles within the three Directorates of the NCSC.

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