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− Capita has 'evidence' customer data was stolen in digital burglary

Business process outsourcing and tech services player Capita says there is proof that some customer data was scooped up by criminals that broke into its systems late last month.

− 3CX hack caused by trading software supply chain attack

An investigation into last month's 3CX supply chain attack discovered that it was caused by another supply chain compromise where suspected North Korean attackers breached the site of stock trading automation company Trading Technologies to push trojanized software builds.


− UK cyber-argency warns of a new ‘class’ of Russian hackers

The United Kingdom's NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) is warning of a heightened risk from attacks by state-aligned Russian hacktivists, urging all organizations in the country to apply recommended security measures.

− Google TAG Warns of Russian Hackers Conducting Phishing Attacks in Ukraine

Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) reported that hackers associated with Russia's military intelligence service have been linked to large-volume phishing campaigns aimed at hundreds of users in Ukraine to extract intelligence and influence public discourse related to the war.

Community News

− The EU’s Cyber Solidarity Act: Security Operations Centers to the rescue!

The legislation aims to bolster the Union’s cyber-resilience and enhance its capabilities to prepare for, detect and respond to incidents.

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