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− Enemy states will forge increasingly realistic AI deepfakes to spread disinformation, experts warn

Foreign policies need to be established to regulate deepfake technology Foreign adversaries will use AI algorithms to create increasingly realistic deepfakes and sow disinformation as part of military and intelligence operations as the technology improves.


− CISA Warns for Flaws Affecting Industrial Control Systems from Major Manufacturers

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released several Industrial Control Systems (ICS) advisories warning of critical security flaws affecting products from Sewio, InHand Networks, Sauter Controls, and Siemens.

− FortiOS Flaw Exploited as Zero-Day in Attacks on Government and Organizations

A zero-day vulnerability in FortiOS SSL-VPN that Fortinet addressed last month was exploited by unknown actors in attacks targeting governments and other large organizations. "The complexity of the exploit suggests an advanced actor and that it is highly targeted at governmental or government-related targets," Fortinet researchers said in a post-mortem analysis published this week.

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Irish Information Security Forum Annual Hot Topics

A Series of short presentations, expert predictions and commentary on key cybersecurity topics / trends we may expect this year will be held on January 26th.

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