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− Russian Courts Targeted by New CryWiper Data Wiper Malware Posing as Ransomware

A new data wiper malware called CryWiper has been found targeting Russian government agencies, including mayor's offices and courts. "Although it disguises itself as a ransomware and extorts money from the victim for 'decrypting' data, [it] does not actually encrypt, but purposefully destroys data in the affected system," Kaspersky researchers Fedor Sinitsyn and Janis Zinchenko said

− RIPE IPmap - Geolocating Routes Across the Internet

Geolocation providers usually focus on locating end user devices at the edge of the Internet. But what about the machines that make up the infrastructure in the middle? In this episode, I talk to Chris Amin about RIPE IPmap - an API developed by the RIPE NCC to geolocate core Internet infrastructure.

− Chinese Hackers Using Russo-Ukrainian War Decoys to Target APAC and European Entities

The China-linked nation-state hacking group referred to as Mustang Panda is using lures related to the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War to attack entities in Europe and the Asia Pacific. That's according to the BlackBerry Research and Intelligence Team, which analyzed a RAR archive file titled "Political Guidance for the new EU approach towards Russia.rar."


− Tractors vs. threat actors: How to hack a farm

Forget pests for a minute. Modern farms also face another – and more insidious – breed of threat.

− Microsoft warns of Russian cyberattacks throughout the winter

Microsoft has warned of Russian-sponsored cyberattacks continuing to target Ukrainian infrastructure and NATO allies in Europe throughout the winter.

Community News


Global events and social media have brought unfiltered traumatic images and videos to a public audience that does have the training or support structures in place to safely process them.

The resources below direct to tools that that may help. Insititutions with Employee Assistance Programs should ensure that staff are aware of how to access them.

The CSEAS is the Employee Assistance Program for the Irish Civil Service. It is confidential, and direct contact details are here:

− Researcher Welfare: Mental and Emotional Well-being and Self Care

This page points users to resources and tools on ways for online extremism and terrorism researchers’ to ensure their mental and emotional well-being and engage in self-care.You will notice that most of the available resources are targeted not at academic researchers, but at activists, journalists, and others, but are nevertheless directly relevant because they speak to many of the same issues faced by researchers in our field.

− Vicarious trauma among researchers: recognizing and dealing with it — A guest blog post by Dr. Jane Palmer

Her post today focuses on factors that put researchers at risk for vicarious trauma, how researchers can help themselves, and how supervisors can support research staff.

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