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− LockBit ransomware gang gets aggressive with triple-extortion tactic

LockBit ransomware gang announced that it is improving defenses against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and working to take the operation to triple extortion level.

− Chinese Hackers Used ScanBox Framework in Recent Cyber Espionage Attacks

A months-long cyber espionage campaign undertaken by a Chinese nation-state group targeted several entities with reconnaissance malware so as to glean information about its victims and meet its strategic goals.

− Cybercriminals Apparently Involved in Russia-Linked Attack on NATO Memberstate Montenegro.

Montenegro has been targeted in a disruptive cyberattack blamed on Russian hackers, and a known ransomware group may have been involved. The country’s Agency for National Security announced last week that government servers had been targeted in an ongoing attack that was described as massive and coordinated.


− Deep Dive Into Ragnar Locker Ransomware Targeting Critical Industries

Analysis of Ragnar Locker Ransomware that has been targeting the energy sector by Cybereason

Community News

− The Cyber Ireland National Conference October 5th

The Cyber Ireland National Conference The Cyber Ireland National Conference provides a unique opportunity to bring the Irish cyber security community together to showcase the best of our cluster and discuss the cyber security opportunities and challenges we face. The conference is organised by our members, for the members, with industry-focused content throughout the sessions. This conference creates a space for discussions and cross-collaboration across Industry, Academia and Government.

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