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− Microsoft Disrupts Russian Cyber-Espionage Group Seaborgium

Microsoft has announced that it disrupted a Russian-state backed threat group that it identifies by the name “Seaborgium”. It is believed to have run espionage campaigns against several different NATO countries.

− China-backed APT41 Hackers Targeted 13 Organisations Worldwide Last Year

The Chinese advanced persistent threat (APT) actor tracked as Winnti (aka APT41) has targeted at least 13 organizations geographically spanning across the U.S, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, and China against the backdrop of four different campaigns in 2021. "The targeted industries included the public sector, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, hospitality, education, as well as the media

− Russian State Hackers Continue to Attack Ukrainian Entities with Infostealer Malware

Russian state-sponsored actors are continuing to strike Ukrainian entities with information-stealing malware as part of what's suspected to be an espionage operation. Symantec, a division of Broadcom Software, attributed the malicious campaign to a threat actor tracked Shuckworm, also known as Actinium, Armageddon, Gamaredon, Primitive Bear, and Trident Ursa. T



Threats designed for USB exploitation rise to 52%. Growth indicators slow, but threat levels remain dangerously high.

Global Threat Landscape Report

This report looks back on the cyber threat landscape of the first half of 2022 using our global array of sensors monitored by FortiGuard Labs

Community News

− A step‑by‑step guide to enjoy LinkedIn safely

LinkedIn privacy settings are just as overwhelming as any other social media settings. There’s a lot of menus, a lot buttons to enable, select, accept or reject. To make sure you have control over your information we bring you a step-by-step guide on how to enjoy LinkedIn safely.

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