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− Russian hackers perform reconnaissance against Austria, Estonia

In a new reconnaissance campaign, the Russian state-sponsored hacking group Turla was observed targeting the Austrian Economic Chamber, a NATO platform, and the Baltic Defence College.

− ANSSI Cyber threat Overview 2021

The French cyber security agency, ANSSI, have published their 2021 Cyber threat overview. ANSSI looks back at the major trends that have marked the cyber landscape in 2020-2021 and proposes short-term prospects for change.


− Actively Exploited Critical Vulnerabilities in VMware Products

The NCSC has released this advisory to warn organisations about critical vulnerabilities released on 6th April and 18th May 2022 that exist in VMware products, some of which are being actively exploited.

− Chinese "Twisted Panda" Hackers Caught Spying on Russian Defence Institutes

At least two research institutes located in Russia and a third likely target in Belarus have been at the receiving end of an espionage attack by a Chinese nation-state advanced persistent threat (APT).

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