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− German Wind Turbine Firm Discloses 'Targeted, Professional Cyberattack'

German wind turbine giant Deutsche Windtechnik has issued a notification to warn that some of its IT systems were impacted in a targeted professional cyberattack earlier this month.

− Microsoft says Russia hit Ukraine with hundreds of cyberattacks

Microsoft has revealed the true scale of Russian-backed cyberattacks against Ukraine since the invasion, with hundreds of attempts from multiple Russian-backed hacking groups targeting infrastructure and Ukrainian citizens.

− Russia’s Sandworm hackers attempted a third blackout in Ukraine

Several years after the Russian state sponsored hacking group Sandworm targeted an electrical transmission station north of Kyiv in 2016, the hackers are targeting Ukraine’s industrial grid again.


− Investigators probe suspected sabotage of French fiber optic network

The Paris prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation Wednesday into the suspected sabotage of fiber optic cables, which disrupted the internet in several regions around France, and said the country's domestic intelligence agency would help with the probe.

− Five Eyes nations reveal 2021's fifteen most-exploited flaws

Malicious cyber actors go after 2021's biggest misses, spend less time on the classics Security flaws in Log4j, Microsoft Exchange, and Atlassian's workspace collaboration software were among the bugs most frequently exploited by "malicious cyber actors" in 2021 , according to a joint advisory by the Five Eyes nations' cybersecurity and law enforcement agencies.

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