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− How Is Russia Connected To The Wider Internet?

Speculation about Russia disconnecting or being disconnected from the wider Internet abounds. In this article, we look at the connectivity of the Russian Internet to the wider Internet and how this evolved around the Russian invasion into Ukraine and sanctions related around that.

− Greece's public postal service offline due to ransomware attack

ELTA, the state-owned provider of postal services in Greece, has disclosed a ransomware incident detected on Sunday that is still keeping most of the organizations services offline.

− Ukraine warns of InvisiMole attacks tied to state-sponsored Russian hackers

InvisiMole has been collaborating with the Gamaredon APT for years.

− US DoJ reveals Russian supply chain attack targeting energy sector

The United States Department of Justice has unsealed a pair of indictments that detail alleged Russian government hackers' efforts to use supply chain attacks and malware in an attempt to compromise and control critical infrastructure around the world


− White House warns of possible Russian cyberstrike on US critical infrastructure

White House warns of possible Russian cyberstrike on US critical infrastructure

− What Concerns Cyber Pros Most About the Invasion of Ukraine

To better understand how cybersecurity professionals are assessing the situation, we conducted a poll of (ISC)² members. More than 260 (ISC)²-certified cybersecurity professionals from 41 countries participated, including Ukraine and the Russian Federation. They represent 33 different industries, with the most in financial services, followed by IT services and healthcare. These are their insights.

− CaddyWiper: New wiper malware discovered in Ukraine

This is the third time in as many weeks that ESET researchers have spotted previously unknown data wiping malware taking aim at Ukrainian organizations

− Alert (AA22-083A) Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures of Indicted State-Sponsored Russian Cyber Actors Targeting the Energy Sector

This joint Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA)—co authored by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Department of Energy (DOE)—provides information on multiple intrusion campaigns conducted by state-sponsored Russian cyber actors from 2011 to 2018 and targeted U.S. and international Energy Sector organizations.

Community News

− Government Statement on Ukraine - 22 March 2022

The government, along with the international community, remains resolute in its solidarity and support for Ukraine, and reiterates the call on Russia to cease all hostilities immediately and to withdraw from Ukraine unconditionally.

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