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− Microsoft Warns of Widespread Phishing Attacks Using Open Redirects

Microsoft is warning of a widespread credential phishing campaign that leverages open redirector links in email communications as a vector to trick users into visiting malicious websites while effectively bypassing security software. "Attackers combine these links with social engineering baits that impersonate well-known productivity tools and services to lure users into clicking," Microsoft 365

− Prelude to Ransomware: SystemBC

F-Secure’s analysis of the SystemBC sample identified that this was a new variant of the malware, with several notable differences from previous versions. The sample was executed by a previously undocumented “wrapper”, which F-Secure’s research suggests has been used in combination with multiple malware families common in crimeware intrusions.


− Conti ransomware now hacking Exchange servers with ProxyShell exploits

The Conti ransomware gang is hacking into Microsoft Exchange servers and breaching corporate networks using recently disclosed ProxyShell vulnerability exploits.

− Code Red: Hospitals Are Facing a Major Ransomware Threat

As the U.S. healthcare system struggles to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been fighting another major battle – ransomware. Nearly half (48%) of hospitals, according to a new study, have had to disconnect their networks in the past six months because of ransomware. Midsize hospitals are especially at risk, according to the study, Perspectives in Healthcare Security, conducted by Ipsos for CyberMDX and Philips.

Community News

− Twitter adds Safety Mode to automatically block online harassment

Twitter has introduced today Safety Mode, a new feature that aims to block online harassment attempts and reduce disruptive interactions on the platform.

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