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− How to implement Two-Factor and Multifactor Authentication securely

Two-factor authentication (2FA) and multifactor authentication (MFA) are powerful tools in the fight against all kinds of cyberattacks that involve end-user devices and internet-based services. However, it’s too common for people to use text messaging as the second factor.

Austrian court refers Schrems’ Facebook complaint to EU Court

− Austria’s Supreme Court has asked the European Court of Justice for clarification on the legality of Facebook’s processing of personal data after data protection activist Max Schrems brought a case before it. The Court in Luxembourg will now decide whether the US giant respected the EU’s data protection regime since it came into force in 2018.

− Top-down and Bottom-up: exploiting vulnerabilities in the OT Cloud Era

− This report examines what makes up a cloud-based OT and SCADA infrastructure and the attack surface available to attackers, before diving into Team82’s research, the vulnerabilities we disclosed, the attacks we developed, and recommendations to keep OT cloud implementations safe.


− ANSSI warns of APT31 cyber spies targeting French organizations

ANSSI is currently handling a large intrusion campaign impacting numerous French entities. Attacks are still ongoing and are led by an intrusion set publicly referred as APT31.

− Malware Targeting Pulse Secure Devices

As part of CISA’s ongoing response to Pulse Secure compromises, CISA has analyzed 13 malware samples related to exploited Pulse Secure devices. CISA encourages users and administrators to review the following 13 malware analysis reports

− FortiManager & FortiAnalyzer - Use after free vulnerability in fgfmsd daemon

Fortigate have disclosed a Use After Free vulnerability in FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer that may lead to unauthenticated and remote code execution as root.

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