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− FBI identifies 16 Conti ransomware attacks striking US healthcare, first responders

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has identified at least 16 attacks linked to the Conti ransomware group. The agency stated that the attacks target healthcare and first responder organizations, aiming to disrupt their operations and networks. Targets include 911 dispatch carriers, law enforcement agencies, and emergency medical services.

− Report Highlights Massive Scale of Automated Cyberattacks

The Cato Networks quarterly report highlights cyber threats and trends based on network flows through Catocloud.

− FBI: APT hackers breached US local government by exploiting Fortinet bugs

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) says the webserver of a US municipal government was breached by state-sponsored attackers after hacking a Fortinet appliance.

− SMS 2FA is bypassed by SIM swap attack

Here’s how easily your phone number could be stolen, why a successful SIM swap scam is only the beginning of your problems, and how you can avoid becoming a victim of the attack.


− Patch immediately: VMware warns of critical remote code execution hole in vCenter

If an attacker hits port 443, they could execute whatever code they please on the host operating system thanks to a vulnerability in vCenter.

− VMware vCenter Server RCE & Authentication Vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-21985, CVE-2021-21986)

VMware has issued an advisory in relation to multiple vulnerabilities that exist in the vSphere Client (HTML5).

Community News

− Cyber Ireland Webinar Operational Technology Security Group: Official Launch

Join the launch of Cyber Ireland OT Security. It will be held on Wednesday 16th June to return to the root of the problem as it pertains to the Operations Technology (OT) of Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

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