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− 84% of CNI Orgs Experienced Cyber-Attacks in the Last Year

93% of orgs that experienced attacks admitted at least one was successful.

− Cyber attacks hit two French hospitals in one week

Two French hospitals have been hit by ransomware attacks in less than a week, forcing the healthcare facilities to transfer patients to other locations. According to local media, the attacks did not impact the hospitals’ ability to care for Covid-19 patients or virus vaccinations.

− Attacks Targeting Accellion Product Linked to FIN11 Cybercrime Group

The hacking group behind the recent cyber-attack targeting Accellion’s FTA file transfer service appears to be linked to a threat actor known as FIN11, security researchers with FireEye’s Mandiant division reveal.


− Recently fixed Windows zero-day actively exploited since mid-2020

Microsoft says that a high-severity Windows zero-day vulnerability patched during the February 2021 Patch Tuesday was exploited in the wild since at least the summer of 2020 according to its telemetry data.

− VMware fixes critical RCE bug in all default vCenter installs

VMware has addressed a critical remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in the vCenter Server virtual infrastructure management platform that may allow attackers to potentially take control of affected systems.

Community News

− New Partnership Launched to Improve Cyber-Resilience in Scotland

CyberScotland partnership has already launched an online resource for individuals and organizations.

− Cyber Security Skills Report 2021

A Cyber Security Skills Survey was conducted with Cyber Ireland members to provide a better understanding of the current cyber security labour market in Ireland. The report is available here:

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