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− Egregor ransomware members arrested by Ukrainian, French police

A joint operation between French and Ukrainian law enforcement has reportedly led to the arrests of several affiliates of the Egregor ransomware operation in Ukraine.

− Cyberattack on Dutch Research Council (NWO) suspends research grants

Servers belonging to the Dutch Research Council (NWO) have been compromised, forcing the organization to make its network unavailable and suspend subsidy allocation for the foreseeable future.


− Record‑breaking number of vulnerabilities reported in 2020

High-severity and critical bugs disclosed in 2020 outnumber the sum total of vulnerabilities reported 10 years prior

Community News

− Who is targeted by email-based phishing and malware? Measuring factors that differentiate risk

Researchers from Google and Stanford University have analyzed the patterns of more than 1.2 billion email-based phishing and malware attacks targeting Gmail users, and found that most attack campaigns are short-lived and sent to fewer than 1,000 targets.

− Cyber Ireland TI Series: Session 4:Threat Intelligence platforms and consumption 101

Walter Higgins and Andy Grzess will discussing Threat Intelligence Platforms and Consumption on 24th February.

− provides free training course for duration of Covid-19 Pandemic

eCollege is a SOLAS-funded online training facility that provides a range of high quality interactive online learning courses, available any time through broadband Internet access, for those who wish to learn at their own pace. All of the courses are free, this includes the course costs, materials, any applicable software and exams. Course include CCNA, CompTIA Security+, A+ and Network+ and many others.

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